Cycle vs Home Insurance

One of the most common questions we get asked by riders considering cycle specific insurance is 'am I not covered on my home insurance?' So here are a few points to consider if you think you'd prefer to stick with your home insurance for your new ride.

Check your cover!

Over 90% of home specific insurance policies don't cover your bike when it's away from the home. That means if you take it to work, on holiday, out on a training ride, then you may not be covered.

Though theft is often the main consideration for riders when looking at insurance, over 70% of our claims are accidental damage. Does your home insurance cover you for slamming your new rims into a pothole or tree? Ours does.

Travelling with your bike? Home insurance is exactly that, it covers you at the home. Travel insurance policies often won't cover your bike, or only up to a certain value. Bikmo Ireland covers you worldwide for up to 30 days.


How much is your excess?

If you need to claim on your home insurance for your bike having been nicked then you'll need to pay an excess. Though it's a standard practice to charge an excess for claims, house insurance excesses can often reach and exceed €500 which means you'll need to fork out for the rest.

Cycle specific insurers generally charge a lot less excess during a claim and, with Bikmo, we can even do an excess-free replacement for claims above €400.

Claiming for your bike on your home policy is also going to affect your premium for the following year - separating the two policies means a claim on your bike policy won't affect your home insurance policy.


How old is your bike?

Many house insurers (and quite a few cycle insurers) will depreciate your bike if it's more than 2/3 years old. That means reducing the payout during a claim so you'll have to fork out the difference if you want a new bike of the same standard.

We operate a very simple model at Bikmo. Insure €2,000 and in the event of a total loss i.e. your bike(s) are stolen, then we'll settle approved claims at the value you've insured for i.e. €2,000, less an excess. Choose a Bikmo replacement and there wouldn't even be an excess.

If you've got any questions about our policy compared to your home insurance policy, then please get in touch at or call the team on 076 8886 022